Everything That University Teaches You ♥

I am coming up to the end of my 4 year doing an Art degree and I am currently in the middle of writing my dissertation and preparing for my final exhibition. I am already stressing over how unemployed and skint I am going to be when I graduate and I always find myself asking if university was really worth all the hassle, but it has taught me so much over the past few years and heres a few of them;

It won’t be what you expected.

No one can prepare you for University, you get dropped off in a flat full of strangers in a new place with no-one there to hold your hand. Its a very daunting experience, but trust me, its worth every second. It has made me so much more independent. It gave me the confidence to even spend 6 months all the way in Australia, an opportunity I would never have got if I hadn’t come to University.

University is much more than just a degree.

Yes, you are spending £9000 a year to get a degree in your chosen subject but, there really is much more to University. Its about the life and social skills you gain, you learn to cook, budget, learn how to handle different situations and different people. Most of all you learn how to fend for yourself, something you only learn when you go off on your own and leave to comfort of your family home.

 It is what you make of it.

University is what you make of it. Go out and join sports teams and societies, make as many friends as you can. Go out every week if you want or even everyday, because when else will you get the chance. Don’t keep your head down and just studying, studying and studying. Yes of course work hard on your degree, but get out there, have fun and make so many amazing memories. You won’t get another chance like it.

You will pick up new hobbies.

I didn’t think I would find many new hobbies after doing gymnastics for so many years, netball, cheerleading and more through school. I thought I wouldn’t find interest in many other things. But University has shown me so many new things, a year or so back I never have thought I would be sat here blogging or writing articles that people would actually read, but University has taught me to just give new things a go because you might find something you love doing.

People come and go.

You will meet so many different people that you never thought you would be friends with. People at University don’t have to be like your friends from home, I have met so many people with completely different interests, and some I would probably have not been friends with at school. University has taught me to be so much more open minded as the best people are the people you least expect.


These are only a few things University has taught me and it always keeps surprising me. I hope everyone who goes off to uni enjoys their experience as much as I have. I understand that it’s not for everyone and it can be a lonely place and you will most likely get home sick from time to time. But, sometimes you just have to push yourself to try new things and you might learn something new about yourself when doing so.

M ♥

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