A-Z of Halifax ♥

We will have all moaned that there is nothing to do in Halifax, when in reality there is so much to do. It may not be to everyones cup of tea, but Fax really isn’t that bad (Well I don’t think it is). We all wanted the day to come when we moved away to Uni etc and away from Halifax but in reality we all can’t wait to rush back.

Here is my A-Z list of things to do in Halifax –

A is for Acca

Where else can you go and get drinks for 75p? Its open every Thursday, Friday and Saturday and you can spend these evenings trying to win free T-shirts, free champagne and dancing to all the classics like ‘Cha Cha Slide’ and ‘Gimme Some’. Everyones idea of a perfect night out.

B is for Broad Street Plaza

Situated in the heart of Halifax, it’s where you will find the Vue cinema, where you can go to get a much loved tango ice blast and also find all the great chain restaurants like Nando’s,  Pizza Express and of course its home to the beloved Percy Shaws (Whetherspoons).

C is for Catch

I couldn’t recommend this place enough, whenever I am home from University I make sure I fit in a trip to the Catch. Whether this is for their amazing Fish and Chips to take out or for a lovely 3 course meal in their restaurant.

D is for Dixy Chicken 

You can guarantee to find everyone you went out with at the end of a night out in Dixy Chicken and it is probably where the weirdest things of the night happen. You will most likely leave wearing more food than you actually ate and most likely have been in or witnessed a fight or two.

E is for Eureka!

If you mention Halifax to anyone not from Halifax the majority of them know about Eureka. Its basically part of the history of Halifax and is still a brilliant today. Who didn’t love pretending to do their food shop at M&S and getting angry at someones kid for not letting anyone else behind the till. I am sure in the future we will all be rushing back with our own kids.

F is for the Fleece Countryside Inn 

A beautiful pub with beautiful views. If their terrace isn’t calling your name as soon as the sun comes out are you really from Fax? Its where I plan to spend all my days off work in summer.

G is for Gin Lane

A new addition to fax and a great one. Its a lovely spot in summer and even winter sat by their outdoor heaters. They have a gin for everyone, or even coffee if you don’t drink. Directly above Gin Lane they also have a shop, so if you loved your gin that much you can go straight upstairs and buy a bottle of it to take home.

H is for Harvey’s

Until I ventured out of Halifax I always thought everywhere had a Harvey’s. Turns out Harveys is only in Halifax. Its a great department store, even if people think its for the older generation I will argue that it is not. The cafe does great cheap food, plus they even have a benefit make-up counter!!!

I is for Indian Restaurants 

So I struggled with I, but Halifax is full of Indian restaurants, and so so many amazing ones. Like Syhiba, The Village, Desi Spice and more. There is even one in the town centre where you can go sit in at 3am after a night out.

J is for Jungle Experience 

This places holds so many childhood memories, you will have been as a kid and will probably take your kids there in the future. Its situated at the top end of Manor Heath park, next to the walled garden (which I always forget about). It’s open 10am-4pm everyday and its home to a huge variety of plants, butterflies and animals including fish, quails and terrapins. It’s the true jungle experience.

K is for Krunchies 

Yet another greasy takeaway in Halifax and definitely  home to that drunk person in the corner struggling to successfully eat their kebab.

L is for La Luna 

Everyone loves La Luna; whether its for breakfast, lunch or dinner. I highly recommend their halloumi fries and Lobster Ravioli and its not too expensive either. Great food and a great atmosphere.

M is for Maggies

I find Maggies is like marmite, you either love it or you hate it, but I do judge you if you hate it. You will have heard endless stories about their bouncers but the place is totally worth a visit. They play great music and sometimes have live bands and when you go you have to order a Hulk. Plus if you are a girl in maggies, it seems impossible to not get photos infront of the mirrors and on the sofa in the bathroom.

N is for Noco Kiosk 

They have recently launched a new menu and it looks great! They do amazing hot chocolates, pizzas and pasta dishes. It is only a kiosk so you do have to sit outside but they have plenty of outdoor heaters and blankets to keep you warm.

O is for Ogden Water

Want to go for a run, walk the dog or go for a picnic with friends. Ogden water is the perfect scenic spot.

P is for Piece Hall

The Piece Hall has finally reopened and I know so many have their complaints about it but so far I am pretty impressed. Its home to Gin Lane, the Yorkshire Soap Company, Elder (which serves great food if you are still yet to go). It even has a wonderful ice cream parlour. Plus Loafers is amazing if you love records or even just want to grab a coffee. The Piece Hall is the new place to be!

Q is for Quids in 

Cheating a little as it’s not in Halifax, but it is close enough. There are plenty of great places for nights out in Halifax but if you want to party every day of the week then a quick train ride away is Leeds, home to Quids in on a Monday night. Another messy night out!

R is for Ricci’s 

Ricci’s Tapas, Ricci’s Place and they even own 53 Degrees North. All 3 of these establishments in Halifax are amazing. Whether you are after a 3 course meal, sharing plates and drinks with friends or an evening full of cocktails, Ricci’s has something for everyone. I don’t know a single person who doesn’t love Ricci’s.

S is for Shibden  

Shibden Park and Shibden Hall both packed full of history and perfect for a Summers outing. There is something for the kids and something for the parents.

T is for TGI Fridays 

No explanation needed…EVERYBODY should know of or have been to TGI’s!

U is for Upstairs Downstairs Cafe

I am unsure if this place is still open, but I used to love going on the weekend with my grandma. A small cafe in the Arcade just off the Borough Market at the side nearest Mcdonalds. Its the perfect lunch spot to take your Gran, they serve tea and coffee, cakes, sandwiches and also a delicious steak pie.

V is for Victoria Theatre 

As a kid you would beg your parents to take you to the Victoria theatre for the Christmas panto, as lets be honest they were the best. We never really got the biggest stars here, mainly people like the Chuckle Brothers (not complaining though). However recently they have started doing gigs, we have had Catfish and the Bottlemen and the Courteeners. YES the Courteeners came to Halifax!!

W is for the Woolshops 

I have to say the one thing Halifax lacks is places to shop. However the Woolshops isn’t too bad. We have a Topshop, River Island, New look and even a Pandora. so if you do need some Retail Therapy then the Woolshops can sort you out.

X is for Xscape

Not in Halifax, but it is in Yorkshire. Its a quick drive away for a fun packed day out with family or friends. From multiple places to eat, shopping, cinema, rock climbing, a lazerzone, high wire course and even a trampoline park. There is something for everyone!

Y is for YMCA 

Brings back so many childhood memories. If you didn’t go roller-skating here for all your friends birthdays are you really from Halifax.

Z is for Ziggy’s Taxis 

Its not exactly something to do in Halifax, but once we have grabbed our cheesy chips from Dixy Chicken and dodged the food fights we all end up queuing outside waiting for a ziggy’s taxi.


I hope there is something for everyone to do on this list! Comment below anything you think I have missed and deserves a mention. Also I really hope you guys are enjoying my blog so far!

M ♥

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