Honest words from a Northerner about the South ♥

 In the South I spend my time complaining about the prices of drinks, repeating myself over and over again because people miss heard me or just can’t understand a word I say.

The north and south is divided in more ways than one.

Is it ‘breakfast, lunch and dinner’ or ‘breakfast, dinner, tea?’

This is an ongoing argument. I say I am about to have some tea and they all think I am about to put the kettle on, not start cooking my evening meal. If I was about to have a cup of tea that would obviously be called a brew.

You will never get use to the differences in dialect

“You should come with subtitles or a translator”. I have had this said to me multiple times, and trying to give presentations in class really doesn’t go well. You find yourself repeating yourself. Trust me its hard work trying to converse with someone from Essex. I thought my accent was barely noticeable till coming down South, but now I may as well be Peter Kay.

However, finding another northerner at Uni is one of the best things. You find yourself becoming best friends instantly especially when you are drunk. Although you think you have so much in common, really it’s just because you are both from the North.

People are definitely more friendly in the North 

I had never really noticed this until I started uni but we really are friendlier. Take your dog on a walk in the North and you will get the life story off every fellow dog walker you bump in to. Seriously you’ll get a hello from every person you walk past. When you are stood at the bus stop nobody stands there in silence, you normally end up moaning to each other about how long the bus is taking. Whereas in the South, they don’t even look each other in the eye when walking down the street to the shop, everyone just gets on with their day without bothering anyone else.

Everything is cheaper in the North.

Literally, everything! From the price of student accommodation to drinks on a night out and taxis. You can get 75p drinks, £1 Shots, and pints cheaper than £5. You can go on a night out and spend as little as £20 that’s including taxis, entry to more than one place, drinks all night and a greasy takeaway to end your night.

Finally, the North has some stunning scenery 

We have the Lake district, York Shambles and the most beautiful places for walks. Great places for Sunday strolls, family picnics, dog walks. Everywhere feels fresher, healthier and prettier.

Do you guys struggle as well? Can you think of any other differences? Let me know in the comments below!

M ♥


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