Life after uni ♥


Well that’s it, I have finally finished University and it still hasn’t really hit home. I am currently spending my days trying to do the things I have wanted to do while in Reading the past 4 years, and say bye to all my friends even though I will see them all in like 3 weeks for graduation. I am also packing to move back home, which I am excited about, as I get to see my family and friends again but I also know that in 2 weeks time I will want to go off seeing other places.

What am I going to do now?

I went to University to move away from home, make new friends and to learn more before going into the real world, with the hope that having a degree would help me get closer to my dream job. However I have applied for like 70 jobs and managed to have 2 interviews. Not the best start. I was offered a 2 month job today in the area I want to work in, so I took it to gain more experience, but a more permanent job would be ideal. It is not as easy as I first thought and it’s super stressful. Hopefully, I can get a job, save and travel Thailand next summer. I wish everyone in the same position/finishing uni the best of luck job hunting!!

Thank god I have Love Island to get me through these applications…

I will never forget my experience at university and don’t regret going one bit, so here’s my favourite pictures from the past few weeks. I couldn’t have done this last year without these people xoxoxo


I would love to know everyone elses plans after uni. Leave them in the comments below.

M ♥

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