Elder, Halifax ♥

For this weeks ‘Food Talk with Mackenzie’ (F.T.W.M) I am going to share with you my opinions on Elder, which is situated in the Piece Hall. I went for the first time last Christmas, where we had the set Christmas menu, however I made a recent trip last week, when I got to try their brunch/lunch menu.

They serve modern comfort food with an alternative take on the great British larder, serving warm wholesome food as well as, amazing meat and cheese boards, paired with great wines and craft beers. I would highly recommend this place for brunch/lunch.

The dishes at Elder are small enough for lunch or great at dinner if you want to try a selection with friends. They are very well priced as 2 course and a drink for me and my mum was only £30.

I decided to try their rabbit broth, not everyone’s choice of meat and I didn’t think it was mine till I had this. It is similar to the dark meat on chicken legs and thighs, but has so much more flavour and to be honest it is so much nicer. It had 2 legs in it, a hearty broth, vegetables, pearl barley and loads of herbs and seasoning. It was also served with some sourdough bread to dip into the amazing broth. It was a great winter warmer, and fab for these colder days. The only complain I would have is the fact the bowl was super small so therefore hard to take the meat off the bone, so I ended up making such a mess.

My mum went for the slow-cooked beef shin, which I obviously had to try too. It was served on sourdough toast, with mustard, tarragon and a fried egg, the perfect dish for brunch.

For dessert I went for the ‘Chocolate and Orange’ It was a chocolate orange ganache, chocolate mousse, candied orange peel, and crumbled shortbread. It was rich and just big enough that it wasn’t sickly. It was full of orange and simply perfect. My mum went for their home-made treacle tart, served with Madagascan bourbon vanilla ice cream and an almond brittle, which must of been good because her plate was clean before I even had the chance to look at it!

This place is a great edition to Halifax, in the heart of the Piece Hall. I would 100% book if you are going to go at peak times as they have limited space inside, they do however have outdoor seating, but it is a little chilly at the moment!

Check out their website, where you can even book in for there amazing 3 course Christmas menu – https://thisiselder.com/#our-menu

Hope you enjoyed my review and let me know your opinions of Elder in the comments!

Starting from next week I shall be back on track (hopefully) with my reviews. So every Friday at 5 pm expect some great reviews, good or bad, of all the places I go to.

M ♥

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