The Newsroom, Edinburgh ♥

Last weekend I made a lovely trip to Edinburgh to be reunited with my friends from study abroad. We are all huge foodies and ate at 3 amazing places, and I shall be sharing them all with you. Starting with The Newsroom, where we went on the Friday evening once we had all arrived.

The Newsroom is situated in the heart of Edinburgh and has a very warm, friendly setting. The staff were super attentive and always checked that we were ok with our food and if we wanted anymore drinks. Its quite a dark restaurant, with cool quotes written on the walls in pink neon lights. It really had that student vibe. However, it is a great place for anyone; parents, grandparents and friends.

When reunited with my friends we have to get cocktails and as soon as we saw the Passionberry Fizz at the very top of the menu, we knew there was no point reading the rest, as this one was the one for us! But to make things even better they did this one as a pitcher! It was only £16 and consisted of all my favourite spirits and flavours. It had Gordon’s Gin, Passoá Passionfruit Liqueur, strawberry purée and fresh lemon juice topped with apple juice and lemonade. A must try!

We also tried another of the three pitchers, which to be honest I think I preferred to the Passionberry Fizz. It was called the Pink Island Tea. Made up of Beefeater Pink Gin, Chambord, Cointreau, Sauza Reposado, Tequila, Brugal Anejo Rum with a hint of rose water, lemon juice & simple syrup. It was super sweet and fruity, and had gin in it. PERFECT!

When in Scotland you have to get Haggis and this was my first time trying it! If you like black pudding, you are sure to like this. It isn’t as strong as black pudding, but it is nicely spiced with a little kick.

For starters we decided to go for the Haggis Fritters and the large Nachos to share. We should of shared the smaller nachos as the portions are super generous, leaving us all quite full before our mains had even come. The haggis fritters were battered in a salt and vinegar batter and served with a caramelised red onion chutney. These were so good and I shall definitely be having haggis again.

However, the star of the night has to be the Nachos. Honestly, the best nachos I have ever had and I think it was down to the Texan chilli beef that was piled high on top, with oozing Scottish cheddar cheese, sour cream and guacamole. It was so delicious, I couldn’t stop eating them. Probably the reason I struggled to eat all my main.

‍For our mains three of us decided to treat ourselves to even more haggis and yet again I was not disappointed. We went for the Balmoral Chicken, which was‍ a chicken breast stuffed with haggis, served with creamy mash, seasonal vegetables and peppercorn sauce. The portions were huge, we could have even had one to share between three of us. It was so tasty, however I would say that there was a little too much haggis, but that would be my only complaint about this place.

My other friend opted for a burger, their ‘naked truth,’ a beef patty with mixed lettuce, sliced beef tomato & red onion, with a side of fries. The burger looked amazing! I deffo had food envy!

When I am next in Edinburgh I will be sure to drag whoever I am with back here so I can try more of their delicious meals. It does get super busy on weekends, giving a fabulous ambience every Friday and Saturday. I highly recommend booking so make sure to go check out their website –

The Newsroom Bar and Eatery is situated on Leith Street in Edinburgh and surrounded by other great bars so you can go for more drinks before or after your visit here.

I hope you enjoyed my review of The Newsroom and are looking forward to more blogs about my little trip to Edinburgh.

Also. don’t forget that every Friday at 5pm I post a new review, good or bad, of all the places I go to (mainly in West Yorkshire).

M ♥

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