Blue Bear Cafe, Edinburgh ♥

Time goes really quick, but as you know not last but the weekend before I made a lovely trip to Edinburgh to be reunited with my friends from study abroad. Last Wednesday I shared with you the first place we went to for food, The Newsroom, which you should also go read about. But this week I am going to share with you this lovely little cafe we went for breakfast on the Sunday morning, the Blue Bear Cafe.

For my breakfast I had to try the french toast with blueberries and creme fraiche. It was as delicious as it looks in the photos and just the right portion size to start a day off. One of my friends got the same but instead of french toast he had waffles and another got french toast with maple syrup and bacon, and by the looks on their faces this was just as good as mine. Finally, our cute little Scottish friend, went for the traditional haggis (veggie) It was basically Eggs Benedict but, instead on ham it was haggis. This looked great but I was all haggis’d out after Friday night!

This cafe is super cute and great if you want to try haggis, or if you want to go out for breakfast or brunch. I do recommend booking as it is only small. Go over to their website and find out more about them!

I hope you enjoyed my review of Blue Bear Cafe and are looking forward to my last blog about my little trip to Edinburgh.

Also, don’t forget that every Friday at 5 pm I post a new review, good or bad, of all the places I go to (mainly in West Yorkshire).

M ♥

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