The Vine, West Vale ♥

IT’S DECEMBERRRRRR! The best month of the year and the time to get into the Christmas Spirit. This month, for Blogmas, I shall be doing so many festive food posts. Sharing with you, the festive goodies I eat, the markets I go to and of course all my xmas parties. This week I am starting with the Vine in West Vale, which I went to on Monday for their movie night.


The evening began at 6.30pm when we grabbed our first cocktail, well I got a mocktail with it being a work night. I chose a Pornstar Martini Mocktail and it was delicious. We were greeted by some fab, friendly staff, who seated us and then served us our mini afternoon tea. The movie began around 8pm, which was a Christmas favourite of mine, Polar Express. We also got a halfway break at 9 to grab more cocktails, coffee, a loo break and that is when they came round with popcorn for everyone. During the break I caved and decided to grab myself an alcoholic drink, a gin. Their gin selection is insane and kind of overwhelming. So many different brands, flavours and even a huge array of different tonics. I finally decided to go for a Rhubarb and Bramley apple gin with a Mediterranean tonic. It was a great choice!

The best bit of the night, personally, was the afternoon tea. To be honest food is always the best part of any event. On the bottom tier of our afternoon tea we got some amazing Loaded Chilli Bratwurst Dirty Fries. We also got a mini margarita pizza, which had a thin crispy base and plenty of cheese. The best bit was definitely their homemade pigs in blanket, it was so tasty, wrapped in crispy bacon. I would book the Christmas afternoon tea again just for the pigs in blanket. Finally we had a Wild Boar and Turkey Slider, served with cheese in a brioche bun. Everything was packed full of flavour and just the right size portions, so you could manage to eat both tiers. It was a super festive flavoured afternoon tea!

Next was the top tier, where they had put 3 amazing sweets for us. The first one I had was their mini homemade mince pie, which was still warm and nicely spiced. I then went for the Chocolate brownie, with cream and a cherry. The brownie was super rich, packed full of chocolate and the cherry was a great addition to the brownie. Finally, I saved the best till last, their Gingerbread Cheesecake. This was the perfect Christmas cheesecake and even had a cute little gingerbread man on the top. It really got me into that Christmas spirit.

The movie night was such a good idea, super organised and well planned out, and really got me into that festive mood. It was the best way to start December. I really hope they do some more movie nights/events at the Vine, as I would be at all of them. The movie night was only £15 which is extremely reasonable for the food and service we got.

Make sure you all check out their website and make sure to head down for any of their other events! They are also hosting  a great New Years Eve party which is Peaky Blinders themed this year. So why not dress up and spend your New Years Eve sipping great cocktails –

I will surely be spending a lot of my Christmas down here, sipping on one too many cocktails!

I really hope you enjoyed my review and please let me know your opinions of The Vine in the comments below!

Every Friday at 5pm expect some great reviews, good or bad, of all the places I go to. And this December they are all festive themed to get us all into that Christmas Spirit!

M ♥

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