Potting Shed/Fire Pit Launch Party, Halifax ♥ (invited)


On Thursday 7th February I got the pleasure of being invited to the the Potting Shed and Fire Pit’s Launch Party. They are two great new additions to Halifax Town centre, serving amazing cocktails, beer and food. They make you feel like you aren’t in Halifax whilst you are there – which in my eyes is sometimes a good thing. Since the launch party I have already been back twice, and it hasn’t even been open two weeks yet. On the following Saturday me and my friends went in for some cocktails and then on the Saturday just gone, me and my family went to the Fire Pit for some lunch and of course more cocktails.

The launch party was a lovely evening with live entertainment, an amazing array of canapes and drinks for us all to try. It was a great opportunity to be one of the first to see instead these little gems and we were not disappointed. We liked it that much we rushed back on the Saturday for even more cocktails.

Suburban Housewife, Raspberry Ripple, Strawberry Kisses

On the Saturday night it was a great chance to try a handful of their cocktails, starting in the Fire Pit. My favourite, so far, is the Suburban Housewife. Which is a mix of Vanilla Vodka, Chambord and Pineapple Juice, shaken together to give a fantastic drink, served with a luxurious pineapple foam. It was quite strong but had a lovely, refreshing taste. I also really enjoyed the Raspberry Ripple; Vodka, Chambord and apple juice, mixed together perfectly for a fruity and tasty finish and the Strawberry Kisses, which is a blend of Absolut Citron, Midori and Cranberry Juice making this drink nice, sweet and ridiculously (dangerously) drinkable. We also ventured upstairs to the Potting Shed, which in my eyes, is the best place out of the two. The aesthetics are stunning, along with a great atmosphere and cocktails making the potting shed a great location for any event, at any time of the day. My go to cocktail is their Passionfruit and Basil Crush, consisting of Absolut Citron, peach, passion fruit puree, passion fruit gomme, basil leaves and orange juice. It delicious and reminds me of the kind of drinks you would find at the Botanist – delicious!

Both the Fire Pitt and The Potting Shed have great Happy Hours. Fire Pits is all day Thursday and 12-7 Monday to Friday. Offering 2-4-1 of retro cocktails and £2 selected beers and cider. Alongside this Potting Shed who offer 2 for £12 selected Cocktails Sunday to Thursday.

Fish Tacos – Cajun breaded cod, lime and tequila slaw, avocado, roast chipotle salsa

Now for the best part – food! On Saturday we headed to the Fire Pit to try their food. The prices are so reasonable for the quality of food, speed of service and the huge portion sizes. Fire Pit has the feel of an American Sports bar and the portion sizes are as big as you would get in America. I opted for their fish tacos (£8.95). Cajun breaded cod with a lime and tequila slaw, avocado and roasted chipotle salsa. You get 3 large tacos, which were packed full of flavour but also have a slight kick from the salsa. I would 100% rush back to have them again. However as always I got food envy, this time of my dad’s burger. He ordered the Hot Buttermilk Chicken Burger (£9.95), which was a buttermilk chicken breast, with chipotle salsa and even a hash brown, served with a very generous portion of fries. It was honestly the biggest burger I have ever seen, yet somehow, he demolished it.

My mum went for the Nacho Burger (£9.95), a grilled chicken breast, cheddar cheese, tortilla chips, sour cream, guacamole, and a roast chipotle salsa. Also served with a portion of fries. This looked so good but super messy to eat, I wouldn’t recommend wearing white and then ordering this, as it is the kind of burger you need to deconstruct to eat. Nevertheless, my mum said that this was tasty and the fries where some of the best she has had. Finally, my sister opted for a hot dog. The New Yorker (£9.95) which is a hot dog with Pulled pork, fried onions, and a jalapeno salsa. Which she said was great, packed full of flavour with a slight kick from the salsa, but the portions were a little too big for her.

Man Vs Food Mondays

Overall, the food, atmosphere and cocktails are amazing. The bar service, especially in the Potting Shed, is very slow at the minute. However, we understood that they were still learning the cocktail menu etc. Nevertheless, the girl that served us in the Fire Pit was fabulous and very welcoming! I highly recommend you head down and check out these new little gems in Halifax they also have some great weekly food deals, including Man vs Food Mondays (Fire Pit), all you can eat ribs and wings Wednesdays for only £15 (Fire Pit), 50% off vegetarian food on Tuesdays (Potting Shed), buy one get one free pizzas on Mondays (Potting Shed) and more.

I hope you enjoyed another review and let me know your opinions on the newly opened Potting Shed and Fire Pit, or any other places you think I should visit, in the comments below!

Love, Macknezie x (1)

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