Engine Social Dining, Sowerby Bridge ♥

Engine Social Dining is located in Sowerby Bridge on the main street. It has only been open a couple of months but I have only heard good things. So for my birthday I decided it was time to go check it out. We were greeted by the most amazing staff, who knew the menu like it was the back of their hand and made us feel super welcome. The staff were attentive, but not over the top and made the whole experience feel extra special.

Engine Social Dining is a great place to go with a group of friends, family, or for a date night. There is something on the menu for everyone and with it being tapas it is a great time to try something new. We decided to each pick 2 different dishes, which we all shared, as well as, some fries, bread and a side of padron peppers. This lets you try a little bit of everything. The small plates of food are packed full of flavour and they may look small, but you will be so full once you have finished! But if you still have room, their desserts are great too!


So firstly we got some Padron Peppers with Cornish sea salt, which we ate whilst we were looking at the menu, deciding what else we wanted. We also opted for their confit garlic, olive oil and roasted tomato flat bread, which was packed full of garlic and was a delicious start to our meal. We also got a simple side of skin on fries to share, which compliment the majority of the dishes we decided to order.

The only vegetable dish we got was their flash fried tender stem broccoli with yuzu cosh aioli and soy dressing. This was some of the best broccoli I have ever had. Their menu combines traditional Spanish tapas with oriental flavours, making their dishes extra tasty. Whenever we go for tapas my sister always insists in ordering chorizo so we had to order the mini hot Chorizo cooked in cider, which was served with in house pickled onions on toasted pain a l’ancienne. This was rich and well cooked, I highly recommend this dish if you are new to tapas.

We also ordered the roasted Cod served with curried lentils with ox cheek, fire roasted leeks and lardo. The lentils were packed full of spices and meat, top with a perfectly cooked piece of cod, which all went great with fries. It reminded me of a posh version of fish, chips and curry sauce. This was one of my favourite dishes on their menu! One of the dishes I picked was the pulled pork and sobrasada Gyoza, served in homemade Asian ravioli, with a chipotle and baked apple puree and a sweet black pepper sauce. I love gyozas and order them whenever I see them on a menu. Yet again I was not disappointed with these ones. The head chef Mark is amazing at infusing oriental spices.


My dad chose the fire roasted chicken breast served with romesco sauce, charred spring onions and PX balsamic. The chicken was juicy and the sauce was great. A dish I would recommend to anyone. A dish I will not forget was the marinated rump steak with fermented Chimi Churi, PX marinated cherry tomatoes, aged Parmesan and rocket. Everything down to the tomatoes was amazing. The tomatoes were sweet, in a sauce similar to pesto served with medium rare steak. Plus the amount of steak you got, for the price you paid was fab!

They also have a specials menu, which had some amazing dishes on when we visited. So we just had to order a couple. We went for the marinated pork ribs, the meat just fell of the bone. The ribs were marinated in tasty oriental spices making it a truly special dish! We also ordered the braised pigs cheeks, another fabulous dish.

After all this food I can’t believe we all still managed dessert. But, I am so glad we could as they were insane.


I had the ricotta fritters, served with blackberry sauce, chocolate crumb and clotted cream. Rich, creamy, cheese, deep fried – what more could you want? My perfect end to any meal. My dad had the caramelised lemon and elder flower tart with strawberry sorbet and macerated strawberries. Which he said was great and a refreshing end to his meal. My sister opted (of course) for the sticky toffee pudding drowning in caramel sauce and honeycomb ice cream. This was a perfect sticky toffee pudding as it came in a huge bowl, swimming with a hot toffee sauce. I had serious food envy when my mums dessert came. She ordered the dessert on the specials menu, which was Jack’s baked Alaska with chocolate, ricotta, sour cherry and pistachio. I have never been a huge baked Alaska fan, but this looked amazing. Who doesn’t love cherry, chocolate and booze – sounds great to me!

Engine Social Dining was the perfect place for my birthday meal. From start to finish the service was incredible, as well as the food and drinks. I would 100% rush back to this place and know that I won’t be disappointed.

Why not get booked in over on their website and give them a visit this month. You won’t regret it!!

I hope you enjoyed another review and let me know your opinions on Engine Social Dining, or any other places you think I should visit, in the comments below!

Love, Macknezie x (1)

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