Revolucion de Cuba, Leeds ♥ (invited)

Two weeks ago I got invited to Revolucion de Cuba to try out their new menu. It is situated in the centre of Leeds, on the corner of Lower Briggate and the famous Call Lane, its a rum-lovers heaven. Serving up Latin-inspired dishes and tapas, Cuban coffee and classic cocktails.  It is home to two floors of dancing, drinking and dining or simply laid back lounging whilst listening to live music.

Our visit was on a Sunday, which meant tapas dishes were 2-4-1, whereas on Monday to Friday they are 3 for £14, both amazing deals for the portions you get! We went for a selection of tapas dishes to share, this way we got to try even more of what they have to offer. It states on the menu that when 2 people are sharing, they recommend 3 tapas as a starter or 6 as a main.

To start us off, we order a couple of cocktails (would of been rude not to). I went for the Tiki Punch (£9.25). This was a blend of  Spice Hunter and Appleton Estate Signature Blend rums, with amaretto, pineapple, cranberry, lime and passion fruit. A spicy tiki twist. It was refreshing and went down a little too well, you could barely taste the alcohol – which is great but dangerous!

My friend got the Mangon! Which is Cuban slang for ‘good looking.’ This may have only been small, but it packed a punch! Consisting of Bacardi Cuatro rum with mango and lime, it’s one fine and fruity Daiquiri.

Now on to the good stuff – the tapas. We ordered 6 dishes between us and because it was a Sunday we would have only had to pay for 3. Firstly we tried an option from their new vegan menu, the Beetballs (£5.50). I actually now prefer these to meatballs. The beetballs were made from beetroot, coriander and mint, in a rich tomato sauce. The dish was packed full of flavour and spice, which gave them a right kick and even had the texture similar to if it was made from meat!

We also got some Gambas Pil Pil (£6.50) – a favourite of mine. King prawns tossed in a buttery, chilli and garlic sauce – yummy! The prawns were cooked perfectly and super juicy. I would definitely recommend these to any seafood lovers. Next the Chicken Rumba Skewers (£6). The skewers with marinated in a dark soy sauce, lime and pineapple juice and topped with crushed chillies and pico de gallo. The marinade was great on these, however the chicken was slightly dry so wasn’t my favourite dish and doubt I would rush back to order it again. 

Now for my favourite dish of the 6 we got, the Roasted Pork Tacos (£5.75) Pulled pork with caramelised pineapple in a soft tortilla, simple but delicious! The meat was tender, flavoursome and yummy. Another great dish was the roasted sweet potato (£5) which was sliced sweet potato topped with spinach, peas, sour cream and crispy bacon bites. A great tapas dish or even a side dish! It was light, refreshing and something a little different. A perfect summer dish! Finally we had to get the nachos! If there’s nachos on the menu then I am sold, plus these were perfect nachos and smoothered in enough cheese! They were crunchy nachos topped with shredded beef chilli, manchego cheese sauce, mango salsa and guacamole. 

Overall we loved our trip to Revolucion de Cuba, the atmosphere was amazing, live music, friendly staff, tasty cocktails and delicious food! It would make the perfect spot of day drinks, a date night or for a family meal! 

Go check out their website and book a table now, they even do Happy Hours –

I hope you enjoyed reading about my trip to Revolucion de Cuba. Watch out for more foodie reviews.

Love, Macknezie x (1)

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