Giraffe Breakfast, London ♥

Another, short and sweet, foodie post from my trip to London last month. When we first all arrived we decided to grab some brunch at Giraffe before we headed to Junk Yard Golf. Giraffe is a chain restaurant that offers you a world of spices and colours, sizzles and smells.

Their bunch has a wide selection of options, packed full of flavour and something for everyone! They also have an amazing lunch/dinner menu that will send you all around the world!

To start I ordered a lovely summery drink, the Sunshine Coast Iced Tea. The was a lovely blend of ice cold chamomile & green tea with mango, lime & fresh mint. This was super refreshing and a great drink to start of the day! For food I ordered the Avocado smash with chilli, parsley and roasted vine cherry tomatoes served on artisan sourdough toast, this was topped with a poached egg and a side bacon.

This was lovely, light and the poached egg was perfectly runny! It was simple, but delicious! I would recommend Giraffe if you are just wanting a quick, easy bite to eat!

I hope you enjoyed reading about my trip to Giraffe in London. Watch out for more foodie reviews.

Love, Macknezie x (1)

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