Cafe Thai Tapas, West Vale ♥

Cafe Thai Tapas is situated in West Vale, directly above Cafe Thai, on the main road opposite the Vine. There is limited parking, however easy to get to via bus or taxi when coming from either Halifax or Huddersfield. You can also pop to the Craft for before or after dinner drinks (or both). West Vale is a great place to go to for food and drinks with family, friends or for a date, as there is something for everyone.

Cafe Thai Tapas is a family favourite of ours and we have made multiple trips. With it being tapas you can try so many more dishes and we usually order 2/3 dishes each with a side of their rice and Tom Yam skinny fries – which are a must try, if you haven’t already!

As I love just about everything on the menu, I am just going to share a handful of my favourites starting with the, KANOM JEEB (£6.00). Steamed dumplings with minced pork, prawn and water chestnut. These dumplings are soft and packed full of different herbs and spices. They won’t disappoint.

Next, the CHU CHI PED (£7.00)Sliced smoked duck topped with red curry sauce. This is easily my favourite dish they do, I would just make the trip for this. The duck melts in your mouth and the curry sauce is rich with just the right amount of heat. The sauce is also great to dip the Tom Yam skinny fries into!

The KAPRAO MOO GROB (£6.50) is crispy pork belly, which is stir fried with chilli and basil. This is their spiciest dish, possible a little too spicy for myself (as I am a wuss) But if you can take the heat then this is definitely a dish for you. Packed with of chillis, beautifully cooked pork and flavour – it is a taste sensation.

Now for their most expensive dish on the menu, and one you could get as a main dish on its own. The SUA RONG HAI (£18.00). Thai Style Char grilled marinated fillet steak, served with steamed sticky rice and home made spicy sauce (Warning the sauce is HOT). The steak is cooked to the way you wish, I always get Medium Rare and it is perfectly cooked every time!

The SATAY GAI N (£5.50), is a must try for when you are at Tapas, Cafe Thai or even ordering takeaway. Grilled marinated chicken skewers, served with a peanut sauce. The perfect chicken satay! Another one of their dishes you won’t complain about.

Another great chicken dish, but a very messy one, is the GAI MAE KHONG (£6.00). If you don’t mind getting your hands a little sticky, then these are great. Deep fried chicken wings marinated in famous Thai Whisky. The sauce is amazing, but super messy. There is no attractive way of eating these.

A vegetable dish I love and get every time is the BROCOLI NUM MUN HOY (£6.00), stir fried broccoli in oyster sauce. As far as broccoli goes, this is by far the nicest I have had. The sauce is delicious and a great side dish.

Finally, the PAD THAI (£8.50 / £9.50) The prices varies as you have a choice of either chicken or prawns. The most famous Thai style stir fried rice noodles, spring onions and ground peanuts. Its packed full of flavour, their biggest dish on the menu and will certain leave you feeling very full.

Cafe Thai Tapas also has a great Gin selection, great to wash down the delicious Thai food. The Malfy Grapefruit they sell, is my new favourite gin. I highly recommend you all go check out their website and pay them a visit –

Cafe Thai Tapas also own Cafe Thai if you aren’t a fan of tapas, Craft so you can treat yourself to drinks and also a sister restaurant down the road, called Cafe Italia and I shall be making a visit there soon. Keep a watch out for all these upcoming reviews!

Hope you enjoyed my review and let me know your opinions of Cafe Thai Tapas in the comments!

Love, Macknezie x (1)

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