The Nags Head, Huddersfield ♥ (vegan/veggie menu)

There are so many lovely Gastro Pubs in Yorkshire, that all have their own twist on a classic Yorkshire pub. The Nags Head at Ainley Top, in Huddersfield, is a stunning building covered in Ivy, it is just a shame about the Premier Inn right next door. Nevertheless, the pub has a lovely rustic ambiance, with that warm Yorkshire village pub feel, my favourite. It has classic wooden beams, a log fire and a mezzanine with extra tables. A very inviting, friendly atmosphere, the perfect winter stop.

The Nags Head is part of a chain of restaurants called the Vintage Inns, who earlier this year released a vegan menu, supplying more than one option for the ever-growing vegan and vegetarian community. With many more of my friends introducing more meat-free meals to their diet and even becoming vegan, I have noticed the struggle they have found when eating out. Many places are now starting to introduce alternative menus but are they any good?

We were seated on the lower mezzanine and asked if we wanted to see any alternative menus such as their Vegan menu and if we wanted any drinks, a great first impression. The staff were super friendly and very attentive, making sure that we had everything we needed and if everything was ok with our food. Which you want when expecting great Yorkshire service.

On my visited I decided to try a dish that can be either made Vegan or Vegetarian. Their Vegan Wholefood Winter Salad with the option to add halloumi. The salad was packed full of veggies, from roasted butternut squash, broccoli, cauliflower, onion and beetroot. It was piled high with black rice and quinoa in a lovely sun-dried tomato and garlic dressing. The portions were so generous and packed full of flavour. I also added halloumi to mine as it was a very cold day so fancied something warm. It was the perfect winter salad. It had been a long day at work, so I was very hungry so opted for a side of garlic and cheese mushrooms, which can be ordered as a starter or a side. A great warm dish to start with if you are a vegetarian. It was creamy and delicious!

Their vegan menu is probably one of the best I have seen for a none vegan/veggie restaurant. It is packed full of an array of starters, mains and even desserts. From butternut squash curry, falafel, wraps and more. There was something for everyone.

Nags Head is a great place to go if you are new to the vegan lifestyle as the meals are simple but delicious. I really think I have found a little Yorkshire gem here.

Go check them out –

I hope you enjoyed my post on The Nags Head – Let me know what you thought in the comments!

Love, Macknezie x (1)


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