FIREPIT New Menu, Halifax ♥ (invited)

A couple of weeks ago FIREPIT launched their new menu. They have four locations in the North of England, including one in Halifax Town Centre. Home to wood-fueled grills and smokers, which create delicious BBQ feasts. The menu is great for a quick Saturday bite to eat, with a pint whilst watching the football.

The menu has a great variety of options fit for families, friends and more. From tasty nachos, steaks, ribs, burgers and more. There is something for everyone.

I was very excited to try the new menu as it was great when I last visited. They have added some tasty additions, such as chicken wings and the loaded burrito. I was so excited to try the burrito, however slightly disappointed that it was loaded on to an open tortilla. As I was expecting it to by a large burrito all wrapped up. The chilli was a little spicy for myself but, it was great with the Mexican rice, guacamole, soured cream and salsa. It was packed full of flavour and I would highly recommend, but just don’t expect your typical burrito (priced at £10.95).

My dad opted for the Smokey BBQ chicken burger, which is a chef recommendation on the menu and it was a great choice. It consisted of a chicken breast coated in smokey bbq sauce topped with cheese and bacon and a side of fries. The chicken was succulent and tasty and went amazing with a side of their fired up onion rings (priced at £10.95, onion rings at £3.95).

FIREPIT is a great place to go watch sports and hang out with friends and even better on Fridays. On Fridays they host a Frat Party where you can play Beer Pong for only a £5 deposit. A great place to start a night out. They also have free darts and pool tables. Why not get the games going – loser buys the next round!

I highly recommend going to try the new menu and grab your mates for a round of beer pong! Also look out for my next blog post on their sister restaurants menu, Potting Shed.

I hope you enjoyed my post on the FIREPIT’s new menu – Let me know what you thought in the comments!

Love, Macknezie x (1)

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