Potting Shed New Menu, Halifax ♥ (invited)

When I visited FIREPIT the other week, I also got to try Potting Sheds new menu a few days later. The Potting Shed is a beautiful garden-themed bar and restaurant, where you can go with friends and family to be fed/watered. Their new summer menu has an amazing array of pizzas, kebabs, cocktails and more. They even have an amazing ‘instagramable’ roof terrace, with little sheds you can sit in.

We decided to try the new additions to their pizza menu, starting with a vegetarian option, the ‘Potters Pesto Pizza’. Which consists of a pesto base, goats cheese, char-grilled vegetables and tomatoes, priced at £10.95. The crust was thin and crispy (my favourite). We also got the ‘Crispy duck’ pizza which had a Hoi sin base with shredded duck and sting onions, again for £10.95) Both pizzas were huge, we struggled to finish them but both had plenty of toppings and tasted great. We would of just liked a little more Hoi Sin sauce on the duck pizza.

When we went it was also Fizz Friday, so Prosecco was only £15 and it was 2-4-1 on selected cocktails. We went for 2 English country gardens. A blend of cucumber, mint leaves, pre mix, apple juice, Beefeater and St Germain. As well as two Passionfruit Mojitos, mixed with Havana 3YO, soda and limes. The cocktails fitted their garden theme amzingly, where refreshing and super tasty! We shall definitely be back for cocktails

Potting Shed is a great place to go with the girls or the whole family, watch their live music or try your hands at their quiz nights. They also have a great lunch time deal on, so why not take your work mates!

I highly recommend going to try the new menu at both FIREPIT and Potting Shed, two great venues in Halifax.

I hope you enjoyed my post on The Potting Shed – Let me know what you thought in the comments!Love, Macknezie x (1)

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