Blondin’s, Halifax (Invited) ♥

Blondin’s is situated in the historic and beautiful Piece Hall, in the centre of Halifax. Its named after Charles Blondin, who famously tightrope walked at The Piece Hall in 1861. Blondin’s is an Italian-style ice cream parlour, serving an amazing array of ice creams, waffles, pancakes, drinks and even bacon sandwiches.

One of my friends decided on pancakes, personally I prefer waffles. But she got 3 large warm pancakes, with a choice of 2 toppings; sprinkles and marshmallows. A choice of sauce, she went for unicorn glitter, this was a bubblegum flavoured sauce and also lots of whipped cream. It looked a lot of fun, pretty sickly but a great Saturday afternoon treat!

Winter is coming and Blondin’s have the perfect, homemade hearty puds!

They have a great deal on for any homemade hot dessert served with a choice of custard, double cream or two scoops of ice cream plus any drink for only £5.95. This is a perfect weekend afternoon treat now the weather has got colder. I opted for the bread and butter pudding and also tried my first ever lemonade float. The bread and butter pudding was rich and delicious and the custard was thick (just how I like it). However, I am unsure on the concept of a lemonade float, just not my cup of tea.

My friend went for the Apple crumble, this was in fact a vegan option, which is great to see! She said it was great and couldn’t tell that it didn’t have dairy in it. These homemade individual puddings are great at this time of the year. I even wanted to purchase some to take home with me!

Blondin’s has recently extended, adding a lovely inviting seating area with a beautiful hand painted wall, so you can have a break from the cold and enjoy your drinks and desserts. If you find yourself in Halifax you have to check out the Piece Hall, especially at Christmas time, so why not call into Blondin’s for a warm coffee and treat.

Their opening times are – Monday – Friday 8am – 4.30pm, Saturday & Sunday 10am – 5pm

Make sure to check out their Instagram page –

I hope you enjoyed my post on Blondins – Let me know what you thought in the comments!Love, Macknezie x (1)

P.S Check out my last review of Alibi, Halifax.


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