Guest Foodie Blog – The Dawn of Soup by Roger Santi ♥

The Dawn of Soup: A Day in the Life of An Experimental Chef

by Roger Santi AKA JassDad The Dishwasher

Imagine this…

The sun was sinking low on the horizon, turning the surrounding semi barren land a blood red orange. Your woven stick basket is filled with mushrooms, roots and some onion grass you had discovered hidden behind a rock outcrop. An elk carcass was just dropped by your side from one of the returning hunters. Time for you to make dinner.

Tired of charred elk pieces and burnt roots? There had to be some way to make the food more palatable. Maybe it was time to find another use for that waterproof hide basket you had been working on.

Ahhh…Fill your basket with fresh water from the nearby stream and add some elk meat. Throw some heated stones into the water until it is boiling, and cook the meat until it is soft and tender. Add some roots, and let those boil for a while before adding the mushrooms and onion grass. The first one dish dinner…. Soup.

There is some debate on how long humans have been making soup, but there is evidence that it could have be as recent as 5,000-9,000 years ago, or as far back as 20,000 years ago. Either way, people have been eating soup for a long time.

The first soups were probably made by throwing hot stones in a container to boil the water, or sitting the container directly on hot stones. It allowed enough nutrients to be gotten from small amounts of meat and fish, and helped make very tough meats easier to eat.

As the soups were developed, more ingredients and spices were added to improve the taste. There are various types of soups today, from broth based, like beef and chicken, to bisque which is generally made with seafood, and chowders that add creams and milks. There is also a consommé, which is basically a concentrated liquid removed of all impurities and having a very intense flavor.

Soups are a very versatile food, and every culture has it’s own favorites.  Check our family favorites such as Eggplant and Mung Bean Stew, Chicken and Corn Soup and my personal favorite, Pho Ga (Homestyle Vietnamese Chicken Noodle Soup).

What is yours? 

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