The Best Advent Calendars for 2019 ♥

Its December, which means Christmas is in full swing and the advent calendars are being opened. In 2019 it is no longer acceptable to countdown to Christmas with only a chocolate Advent Calendar. Advent Calendars now range from beauty products, gin, prosecco, candles and more. But you need to make sure to get in early, to avoid them selling out.

I would never suggest replacing your go-to chocolate advent calendar, so why not grab 2 this year. There are some really fun and cheap alternative advent calendars. Christmas starts today, with my first blogmas posts on my 5 favourite alternative advent calendars for 2019.

1. Swizzels Advent Calendar – Found in B&M £4

First up is the one I opted for, so why not sweeten up your countdown with the Swizzles Advent Calendar! Open one of the 24 doors each day, to a tasty treat with an assortment of the much-loved family favourite sweets. Its the perfect alternative to chocolate and includes love hearts, stingers, parma violets, drumsticks, refreshers, fizzers, banana skids and on day 24, a bag of squashies – my favourites!!

2. Air Wick’s scented candle Advent – Found in B&M £4

Open one of the 24 doors each morning as you count down to Christmas with these 3 seasonal scents – Mulled Wine, Winter Wonderland and Winter Berries. Each day you can light a new candle and celebrate the festive season with you’re the festive fragrances. Plus you are paying less than 17p each for the gorgeous candles.

3. Pringles 12 days of Christmas – Found in B&M £7.99

Popped in to B&M (my favourite place this time of the year) to find a Pringles advent calendar! A 12 day and 24 day one, so why not countdown to Christmas with a tub of Pringles each day! These are a little pricer than my other finds but usually a tub of Pringles is around 80p so you are definitely getting your moneys worth.

4. IlChester Limited Edition Cheese Advent – Found in Sainsburys £5

This one is so hard to get a hold of and i am hoping arrives on our Sainsbury’s shop later today, a day late but how could I say no to my second advent calendar being a cheese one! With 8 different cheeses including, wensleydale and cranberry, smoked cheddar and red Leicester. In my eyes it is the best alternative advent calendar. So start your morning with a cheesy joke!

5. Percy Pigs Advent Calendar – Found in M&S £5

In this years version, Marks and Spencer has included 24 milk chocolate shapes and a bag of Percy Pigs for Christmas Day, changing it from the one they first released back in 2013 so it actually contains percy pigs!!

I am loving all the different advent calendars this year and I will be sure to share what is being each door of my cheese and swizzels one each day over on my Instagram stories.

I hope you enjoyed day 1 of blogmas, watch out for more festive posts supporting local businesses and more.

Whats your favourite advent calendar this year?

Christmas Love, Mackenzie x

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