Supermarkets Mince Pie Reviews ♥

Day 3 of Food Talk’s Foodie Blogmas, brings an in-depth review of all the supermarket mince pies I could get a hold of and stomach in November. It’s safe to say that after 7 boxes of mince pies, (when I was never really a fan), I am kinda of sick of them. But the Christmas spirit is still here.

Me, my mum and dad have reviewed each one out of ten and left our overall favourite at the end of the post. Hope you like my review – Enjoy!

Sainsbury’s Deep Filled Mince (£1)

6 butter enriched shortcrust pastry cases with a mincemeat filling. The first box we opened and sadly the worst ones. Dry pastry and extremely watery and tasteless filling, I was pretty surprised that these were the worst. But for only a £1 you can’t complain that much, but I can’t say I will be having these again.

Dad – 6/10

Mum – 4/10

Me – 3/10

Aldi Sloe Gin Mince Tarts (£2.49)

6 all-butter pastries filled with sloe gin mincemeat, mixture of sweet vine fruits, zesty peel, spices and warming sloe gin, topped with almond flakes. I don’t even know where to start with these and I still can’t believe they are Aldi. One word – AMAZING!

Dad – 8/10

Mum – 9/10

Me – 9/10

Aldi Black Forest Crumble Mince Pies (£2.49)

6 butter enriched chocolate pastry cases filled with a morello cherry mincemeat, topped with a cherry and kirsch filling, finished with an all butter crumb, thats made with dark chocolate and oats. Again another amazing box of mince pies from Aldi, these not as good but still yummy. I would say they are a little sickly so if you have a sweet tooth these are perfect!

Dad – 9/10

Mum – 7.5/10

Me – 8/10

Tescos Lattice Mince Pies (£1.50)

6 Butter enriched pastries, filled with spiced mincemeat made with sultanas, currants and raisins. The pastry was very disappointing on these ones, as it was very crumbly and slightly dry. However, the filling was so well spiced and packed of fruit.

Dad – 7.5/10

Mum – 7.5/10

Me – 7/10

Tasty Filling but disappointing dry pastry

Waitrose All Butter Mince Pies (£2.50)

6 All butter pastries filled with rich mincemeat filling containing apricot, glace cherries, almonds and brandy. I was hoping to be blown away with these, especially with it being a high end supermarket but yet again more dry pastry and a tasteless filling.

Dad – 6/10

Mum – 6/10

Me – 6/10

COOP Luxury Mince Pies £2.00

6 all butter pastries filled with a mincemeat made with sultanas, brambly apple, currants, mixed spice, brandy and port. Very average batch of mince pies, good filling but again pastry was dry! Supermarkets really need to work on their pastry game.

Dad – 6/10

Mum – 6.5/10

Me – 5/10

M&S Collection mince pies (£2.50) 

6 crisp and golden all butter shortcrust pastries, deep filled with vine fruits, cranberries, clementine and cognac. Served with a scoop of their new salted caramel extra thick cream. The cream is super pricey at £3.50 for a small pot but honest AMAZING! The mince pies were the best normal ones we tried, pastry was excellent and the filling was full of fruit and spices. Perfect Christmas flavours!

Dad – 9/10

Mum – 8.5/10

Me – 8.5/10

Now for our overall favourite, after trying each one, some more than once, we all agreed that M&S came out on top but if you are wanting something a little special this Christmas make sure to get yourself down to Aldi.

Overall –

Me – Aldi Gin

Mum – M&S but for a special one aldi gin

Dad – M&S

I hope you enjoyed day 3 of blogmas, watch out for more festive posts supporting local businesses and more.

Are you a mince pie lover or hater?

Christmas Love, Mackenzie x


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