Guest Foodie Blog – Top 5 Restaurants in London Reviewed by FavouriteTable ♥

London is a city full of life and a range of options for food-lovers. With the plethora of eateries to choose from, picking the best restaurant for a tasty meal might seem difficult. However, we, at Favouritetable, are making this tad bit easy for you. 

When picking the right restaurant, you look, not only at the food but also the ambience, the courteous staff, the service, and, more importantly, pricing. Hence, based on our customer reviews, we have listed below the top 5 restaurants for your ease of choice. You can now make an informed decision for that perfect meal.

Let’s get started with the list.

  1. Bodean’s BBQ – Tower Hill

If you are ever visiting the Tower of London, then Bodean’s BBQ is just a few yards away. The restaurant is located on the corner of the Square Mile, which faces the Tower of London on the Thames river. Bodean’s BBQ has one of the best spread of dishes ranging from pork, beef, shrimp, wings to some delicious veggie meals. 

If you feel exhausted having roamed around the Tower of London, you can come to Bodean’s BBQ for recharging yourself. The restaurant goes easy on the pocket and has a friendly staff who are always happy to serve you. This eatery is definitely worth the visit.

Must try at Bodeans BBQ: Texas Smoked Sausage

  1. Crepes and Cones – Croydon

Whenever your appetite craves for some indulging and sinful food, walk into Crepes and Cones. You can choose from a list of crepes, burgers, ribs, chicken, grilled food, waffles, hot dogs, and a seemingly endless menu. Created by rapper duo Krept and Konan, this restaurant was opened to the public in 2018. 

The staff ensures that the meat is halal. Even vegans are not disappointed with the options on the menu. Milkshakes, mocktails, slushies, and cocktails, all selections are available at this restaurant, and if that’s not all, they even serve some mouth-watering ice-creams. Crepes and Cones is a must on your list of top restaurants in London.

Must try at Crepes and Cones: Holy Crepe

  1. Mr Bao- Peckham

This quaint restaurant is easy to miss in the range of stores on Rye Lane. Mr Bao is approximately a five-minute walk from Peckham Rye over-ground station and is worthy of visiting more than just once. This restaurant serves the most lip-smacking Taiwanese dishes in London. Their steamed milk buns will just melt in your mouth. These buns have a pocket that can hold everything from pork to chicken to veggies.  

You must try their special aged Taiwanese tea which complements the food very well. For those who are not tea-lovers, there is always an option of cocktails and beers to choose from. Mr Bao has friendly staff and an excellent ambience. With specials on the menu changing every week, this restaurant makes you come back for more.

Must try at Mr. Bao: The tofu bao bun

  1. Bill’s- Richmond

Situated next to the Richmond Bridge, Bill’s was formerly a pub. Today, this restaurant runs from the early hours of the morning till late at night. So you can enjoy a filling breakfast, or a delectable lunch, or a delicious supper at Bill’s.

The food here is delicious, the staff courteous, and the service is effortless. The ambience here is perfect for a candle-light dinner, with quiet leather-covered booths for an intimate evening. Next time you are thinking of a date, think of Bill’s.

Must try at Bill’s Richmond: Slow Cooked Lamb Shank

  1. Little Bay- Croydon

Little Bay is one of the many restaurants that believe in providing its customer’s value for their money. This restaurant is uniquely designed influenced by the Bohemian style. The ambience is relaxed yet extravagant, making you feel cosy and calm.

The food has a European influence leaning more towards French cuisine. The pricing is appropriate for the value they offer. Little Bay has a great staff who will keep their customers happy with their fantastic service. If you want to try something new, Little Bay is the place to visit.


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