My Fresh Box ♥ (gifted)

Decided to bring the blog back this Lockdown 2.0, as I haven’t posted anything since the beginning of this year. The year has gone so fast and so much has happened I haven’t factor any time in for it, but now I have, and we are back with a review of My Fresh Box Ltd.

My Fresh Box is UK meal prep company, delivering healthy meals. They kindly gifted me 10 meals to try. These are perfect for weight loss and muscle building, with the options of adding more protein and even a vegan menu. These are great for convenience and to help you stay on plan.

I got the following 10 meals to try –

🍜Chicken stir fry, egg noodles, red peppers and ginger dressing

🐟Mixed fish pie with parsley mash

🍝Cajun spiced chicken ‘mac and cheese’

🍚Oriental turkey meatballs, mixed greens and spiced rice

🦑Mixed fish gumbo, spiced rice with tomato salsa

🐓Spanish chicken, chorizo, olive, orzo pasta

🍅Lamb faggots, kale, shallots and peas in a rich tomato sauce

🥬Open Cornish Pasty, spring cabbage and brown sauce

🥟Seabass fillet, Chinese vegetables, with chilli and lime noodles

🐠Harissa salmon, spiced new potatoes, tenderstem broccoli and baby ganoush

My favourite was the lamb faggots, this was packed full of flavour and a great winter meal. My least favourite has to be the open Cornish pasty as it was more like a corned beef hash, as it didn’t have any pastry at all. Great for a low carb meal, just not for me.

These were great to take to work and have after the gym in the evening, leaving me with more time for myself each day. It was great to have my meals for the week already prepped and the portion sizes were perfect. You heat them up for 3 minutes in the microwave and you are ready to go!

They have even been kind enough to offer you all 20% off your first order with the code – FOODTALK20.

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I hope you enjoyed my post on My Fresh Box Ltd – Let me know what you thought in the comments!Love, Macknezie x (1)

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