Disco Kitchen, Halifax ♥ (Invited)

Disco Kitchen has just opened its doors on Georges Square, in Halifax Town Centre, and it is the perfect place for everyone. From fussy eaters, picky palates, vegans, meat lovers, gluten free and more, truly a place for everyone and everything.

Disco Kitchen is home to not just one menu but five, its like Halifax’s version of Trinity Kitchen. Pop in for coffee and breakfast before 11am, build your own salad boxes (post covid, someone will be their to serve you during this time) and artisan sandwiches till 2 or treat yourself to hotdogs, pizzas and more till 5.

The forever changing Disco Kitchen is currently home to the following places; Break the Fast, Beau Selector, Dogs n Bitches, Trust the Crust and Hey Shawarma. As well as, a drinks menu and their £2 disco bakes; brownies, individual vicky sponges and more.

I was lucky enough to try quite a large selection of the menu, but I thought I would tell you about my fave dish off each of the menus.

BREAK THE FAST – Best Way to Beirut (a veggie option, £4.50) Flatbread, topped with a spiced butter, crushed avocado, labneh and dukkah mix, finished off with a fried hens egg. This was a little messy to eat but so worth it. The cheese is light and delicate but it is really something special when paired with the avocado and hens egg. A truly wonderful start to your day whether your vegetarian or not.

DOGS n BITCHES – It was so hard to choose just one from this menu as I also loved the veggie option just as much. But the first thing I tried was the French Poodle (£7); a chicken sausage, red wine roast shallots and mushroom chasseur garnish in a crusty french baguette. The veggie option is called the Mrs Mozzarella (£7); fried battered mozzarella in a soft milk glazed bun topped with an onion, basil and tomato salsa.

I think out of both of them the French Poodle has to win. The chicken sausage with mushroom chasseur is a wonderful creation, that I highly recommend you all try. It was my favourite dish from the whole evening and I can’t wait to go back for another!

HEY SHAWARMA – The Classic Flamed Chicken (£5 Medium and £7 Large). Flatbread filled with 24 hour marinated chicken, sweet and crunch salads and sauces. This is where it all began, serving out of the back of his garage in Pye Nest to now bringing them to you from the heart of Halifax. These are a real people pleaser and ideal for a weekend treat.

TRUST THE CRUST – All Hail Ceaser! (£9) Sourdough pizza topped with smoked garlic chicken, bianco base, crispy bacon, gem lettuce and aged parmesan. I am sure this is going to be a very popular menu, because who doesn’t love sourdough pizzas. This take on a Ceaser salad pizza was great, I loved it. The bacon was some of the best I have had. An exceptional pizza!

BEAU SELECTOR – Sandwiches, soups and salads and home to the Disco Sweet Treats. Bitesize/individual treats for only £2 perfect on the side of a coffee. The Jackie brownie was so rich, indulgent and one of the best brownies I have ever had.

Disco Kitchen is going to be a great addition to the food scene in Halifax. The price of things is so reasonable for the quality and portions of the food you get.

Pop in for coffee and takeout food and be ready to sit in post lockdown, I can’t wait to visit again already.

Come and take a bite!

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Photos by CMCG Creative – https://www.instagram.com/cmcg.creative/

I hope you enjoyed by review and collaboration with photographer Cameron. Let me know what you thought and if you visit Disco Kitchen in the comments below.

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