C.R.E.A.M, Halifax ♥ (Invited)

‘Coffee Rules Everything Around Me’ the perfect name for the place that has the best coffee in Halifax (in my eyes). I could live off their oat milk iced lattes and their food is just as good. The other day I was invited to try some of their amazing dishes, sweet treats and more.

C.R.E.A.M is situated in Halifax town centre, on Powell Street (directly behind Harveys of Halifax). They serve up everything from delicious halloumi drops to cookie pies. Making everything in-house, fresh, to ensure only the best plates leave their kitchen. With additional vegan desserts made from local bakers, such as Too Sweet Treats, its really a place for the locals to call home.

Lets start with the coffee. They brew every cup with locally sourced coffee to ensure that they know everything about the journey from picking the beans to pouring them into the cup. The coffee is delicious and the prices are just right for Halifax. The decor is a little quirky, themed around music, it brings a little bit of fun to the atmosphere.

Now for brunch, my fave time of day. I tried two dishes, starting with the AVO SMASH. Lemon avocado smash served with Sriracha mayo, crumbled feta, chilli flakes and topped with caramelised cashew. This was light and kind of refreshing. The creamy feta with a slight kick of chilli really compliment each other, this dish would be a perfect way to start every morning.

Next up, a favourite of mine, the HALLOUMI DROP. I had this dish when I first visited CREAMS and I was not disappointed second time round. It consists of two poached eggs, halloumi, caramelised onions, all served on sourdough, with rocket and our house sauce – DELICIOUS! The poached eggs were cooked to perfection once again and that house sauce is amazing. I would honestly eat this everyday.

Next up, the CHRISTMAS GRILLED CHEESE. A grilled toastie filled with bacon, brie, cranberry, stuffing, and even gravy (you get extra on the side to dunk too). Anything that has brie and cranberry sauce I am sold. This was great and super festive. If you are wanting to get into the festive spirit mid week, or in the office this week, I guarantee this toastie will help with that.

Now for the sweet treats from Pancake stacks to mouth watering cookie pies and vegan yule log. Its a sweet tooth heaven. First up the BIGGIE STACK – 5 fluffy pancakes stacked high with syrup, berries, banana and chocolate flake. These American style pancakes are huge and come with a great selection of toppings including bacon and Nutella. a great treat for any time of the day.

Finally the Crunchie and Caramel COOKIE PIE with Northern Bloc ginger-caramel ice cream. WOW! Too Sweet Treats really nails these cookie pies every single time. They are very rich and scrumptious, I actually struggle to eat a full slice in one sitting. They are great cold or warmed up with cream or in this case, ice cream. Get down to CREAMs to see what flavours they have in this week!

Due to Halifax being in tier 3 (hopefully not for long) you are unable to enjoy the comfort of C.R.E.A.M, however you can call in for takeout or even get it delivered via deliveree. I highly recommend you pop by once we are out of T3 or why not on this cold Sunday order some yummy treats from your living room.

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Photos by CMCG Creative – https://www.instagram.com/cmcg.creative/

I hope you enjoyed my review and collaboration. Let me know what you thought and if you visit C.R.E.A.M in the comments below.

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